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Talking with the Soul Psychotherapy Bucharest
Oana Anituca
together on the path of Self seeking
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About me

Oana Anituca - Psychologist and Psychotherapist with a practice certificate issued by the College of Psychologists in Romania, registration code 10B6895

Graduate in Psychology
Master in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
Continuous Professional Training in Systemic Therapy: Couple/Family/Child
Continuous Professional Training in Psychological Assessment and Intervention in Children and Teenagers
Professional Training in Psychotraumatology
Continuous Professional Training in creative, actionable Techniques for evaluation and clinical intervention in children
Continuous Training in Schema Therapy
Continuous Training in Stress and Human Relationship
Member of the College of Psychologists in Romania
Residency at the Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry Alexandru Obregia
Member of the Association of Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Cognitive Psychotherapy
Regular attendance at courses, workshops and conferences


Individual Psychotherapy
Couple Psychotherapy
Family Psychotherapy
Individual Psychological Counseling
Couple Psychological Counseling
Family Psychological Counseling


I work with people from the most diverse fields of activity: arts, academia, business etc; people whose active and creative lives were suddenly interrupted by depression, anger, anxiety, mourning or trauma.

The psychotherapy that I practice is a process of carefully observed and promoted expression; thoughts and feelings, dreams and desires, fears and anxieties - all get a voice: loud and clear, without criticism. By finding the courage to make a change, you can have the surprise to experience the freedom of being, living, breathing, feeling, opening your eyes to your true being.

I practice cognitive-behavioral therapy, the modern version of psychoanalysis, whose traditions in theory and healing have lasted for over a century.

"You do what you can with what you know and when you know better, you do better."
Maya Angelou

My calling in life is simple: helping people to be the masters of their own lives!
Listening intensely to the worries, helps in discovering the inner conflicts. Chronic stress and anxiety can be the cause of depression and unhappiness. In finding the cause of the symptoms, we reduce the frequency of panic attacks and irational fears.
All people have one thing in common: we all have been children. Recalling what have helped us and have injured us in our own childhood, it gives us the freedom to behave in the most appropriate way with our children as well as with ourselves.

The therapy is a significant and important decision. I think that it is the most important choice a person can take. And in this regard the therapist must be experienced, empathetic and generous. I feel like I am the sum of all these attributes and I engage myself with responsibility in every therapy with each client. Our work together is a partnership, where we analyze what does NOT help in moving forward, what blocks the person in a paralyzing stupefaction.

Life itself can be traumatic and the pain is inevitable.
A crisis is an opportunity. The opportunity to change yourself, to become a real person - YOU.
But you do not have to go through all of these without psychological support because you would feel disoriented and lost in your thoughts, most of the time.

Ask for help!

The human ties go a long way until they can accept a helping hand. The support and the challenge to go further without forgetting the hope on the way, but also the understanding of the own fears, all have a laborious approach to psychotherapy aimed at reinstating the psychic and the soul comfort and controlling the distorted cognitions.

The therapy helps in creating the meaning of one's own life, the soul introspection, the personal development and the reconciliation with one's Self. This may be for short or for long, depending on the needs of each person.

The warmth, the trust and the communication with clients, but also paying special attention to personal problems, all are helping me to create a solid bridge of therapeutic collaboration.

"The open minds do not want to be right but to understand. There is no right or wrong answer. It's all about understanding."
Hermann Hesse